Well, oh well!

Our new house will be out in the boonies, where we will have to have a septic system and a well.  We would have  loved to be on town water (the septic system doesn’t bother me because it’s my family’s business), but the well made me nervous.  When you are digging a well, you want to hit water early because the price is dependent on the depth.

The houses in our neighborhood hit water anywhere between 300 and 800 feet.  We were hoping to be close to the 300 feet but had no idea what to expect.  My uncle called in the morning of April 13th (Friday the 13th, what luck?) to tell me that they would be digging the well and to not bother going over because it would just make me nervous to watch.

He texted me when they hit 200 feet to tell me that there was no sign of water yet.  At lunch time I left work early to go to the lot and see for myself what was happening.  By that point we were at 400 feet and there was nothing to show for it yet.  I took some pictures and walked the land, but decided I didn’t want to just hang around.

About an hour after I left, Ian got home from work and we decided to take another trek to the land.  I was getting anxious and didn’t want to know if we hadn’t hit water yet, but being there wouldn’t change that.  As we pulled up, we saw that they were packing up the truck to head out.  We had hit water at 525 feet and the pressure was good.  Yay!  While it was obviously deeper than we were hoping for, I was happy that we hadn’t gone down 800 feet and come up with nothing.

The water is then pumped for a whole day and then taken to be tested.  Our results came back a little disappointing – there was 0.12 level of arsenic in the water.  Previous regulations allowed for up to 0.5, but it was recently changed to 0.1, meaning that we have just barely too much.  We are now researching water filters (whole house and tap water only) to see how we want to make our water drinkable and at acceptable levels.

Does anyone have experience with this?


2 thoughts on “Well, oh well!

  1. I would do a whole house filter. And also make sure you hook up your outside hoses to the water system as well. I’ve seen houses that haven’t done this and if you have a lot of rust in your water it turns everything outside a nice shade of orange/red.

  2. Agree with @Shaina. Be safe and definitely get a filter for the outside water – in case any animals or children drink out of it, it will be safe that way!

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